Reed Energy Group Believes in Safety

We at Reed Energy, believe that a full time HSE department is an integral part of a successful company. The HSE department continuously upgrades and maintains a proactive health and safety program that protects the health and safety of our managers, supervisors, workers, contractors and visitors to our worksites. Our Health Safety and Environmental program is made up of comprehensive policies and procedures that meet and/or exceeds industry standards and legislative requirements. We believe up to date employee training and certification provides our clients with the assurance, that the Reed Energy Group people on their worksites are trained to industry and legislative standards. We strongly believe that safety cannot be performed entirely from an office and strive to ensure our Safety Personnel travel to the various Reed Energy Group worksites on an ongoing basis to perform site visits, inspections and assist with safety meetings as required. Site visits allow our HSE department to assist supervision and workers in ensuring a healthy and safe worksite, while also providing hands on safety support for our clients benefit.

All Reed Energy Group HSE representatives are passionate about the health and safety of our people, and must have at least an NCSO designation in order to perform field level work. Our HSE department is a compliance based, solutions orientated department that provides assistance with any safety concerns that our people may have, so that production and the quality of work that Reed Energy Group is renowned for, does not suffer. We believe that Safety, Production and Quality of work go hand in hand and that belief greatly enhances our ability to have projects completed safely, on time and with great workmanship.

Reed Energy Group has its Certificate of Recognition (COR) through Enform and uses a third party Enform certified auditor to perform both the three (3) year External audit and the yearly internal maintenance audits.

Reed Energy Group Inc. is also subscribed to the ISNetworld and Complyworks contractor and supplier management systems.

Reed Energy Group has valid WCB accounts in Alberta and British Columbia and is in a discount position on both provincial accounts. We believe in back to work programs and have a very robust modified work program to help our injured workers return to regular work if they are ever injured at work.

Our people are considered one of the family and at Reed Energy Group, our families are of utmost importance. It is essential that our family members go home to their families at the end of each day, uninjured so they can enjoy life with their loved ones.